4 Tips for Utilizing the Chairdrobe

The Chairdrobe

From Wiktionary: Etymology – Blend of chair +‎ wardrobe. Noun chairdrobe ‎(plural chairdrobes) (slang) A chair on which someone stores clothing that has been worn but which is not yet too dirty to wear again.  ”I noted the chairdrobe in almost every bedroom I entered thoughout university.” [2014, Heidi Julavits, ‎Leanne Shapton, ‎& Sheila Heti, Women in Clothes: Why We Wear What We Wear, ISBN 0141977000].

1.  Start with a good foundation.

In a pinch, any chair can be used for a chairdrobe. However, some features will improve the chair’s usability.

A chair with a square top and pointy knobs is easier to use than a chair with a round top. Large piles of clothing tend to slide off a round top.

Preferred chairs for the chairdrobe

The chair on the left is preferred for its straight top, knobs and arms. Clothes will tend to slide off of chair on the right, with its rounded top and no arms.

A chair with arms on the sides will hold more than a chair without arms.

A chair with rungs under the seat allows better space utilization. Shoes or hats can be stacked in multiple layers without items becoming overly squashed.

2. Fearlessly pile clothes, and then pile some more.

After all, this is the primary purpose of a chairdrobe. It is extremely easy to use and very accessible. Indeed, the development of a chairdrobe can occur almost without any extra thought or effort on your part.

3. Supplement with the floordrobe and the beddrobe, as needed.

The floordrobe and beddrobe are particularly useful when you are unable to find a particular item of clothing. Sometimes riffling through the pile of clothing does not work and more thorough searching is necessary.

Simply remove each article of clothing from the chairdrobe and place on the floordrobe or beddrobe until the desired article is found.

This often has the side-benefit of revealing clothes you forgot you owned. It’s almost like going on a shopping trip, without all the expense.

4. Know when to purge the chairdrobe.

The chairdrobe is ready for purging when it can no longer be ignored. It will begin to lurk; to have a presence of its own; often expanding out to block access to other parts of the room. For example, a person of my acquaintance, who lives in a trailer, reported that her husband’s chairdrobe began to block access to the closet, the bathroom and the refrigerator.

This is how you know it is time for a purge: You walk into the room, and out of the corner of your eye a creature will loom. Whirling around, heart in your throat, you see – The Chairdrobe.

Purge immediately by moving all items to the laundry room.



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